2018 March in Review, April in Preview

I felt like March was not the most productive of months. I stopped noting my progress of words. I gave up on a project. Started a new one. Edited an old one. But I couldn’t escape the feeling that I was running in place all month–and I really haven’t been able to shake that feeling all year.

Last year, when I was up at the Madeline Island School of the Arts, I met a lovely woman, D., who was working on a marathon memoir. We instantly connected on the week long retreat and we have kept in monthly, if not weekly, touch every since then.

It’s been fun having someone to share my ups and downs with, and to cheer on as they complete their own book journey.

For my March in review, and really for my 2018 in review, I am going to share the sweetest thing I’ve received from a woman I barely know. I was complaining to her that I hadn’t felt motivated, and this was what she responded:

“No doubt about it lack of sunshine is why our energy levels are low. I admire you for your choice to change aspects of your lifestyle that you are not happy with. So many people just talk about it but you actually put in a lot of work to make it happen. The application processes for those MFA programs in my opinion were intense. And not only did you follow through, but you also did the NaNo Write while job searching and made progress on your mystery novel by changing the POV. And you also edited pieces for others. And you have pieces that were selected for publication. You are an author.
Alongside your writing, you started a new job. Working in a service industry dealing with people going through a variety of emotions after the death of their family member, has got to be using up writing energy. Perhaps a bunch of continuous sunny days will help some. Here’s hoping Spring comes soon.”


Seeing my year in that way made me feel like maybe I haven’t been spinning my wheels? Maybe D is right and some sun will do us all good! See you in May! Happy writing!